Frequently Asked Questions

What can be treated with acupuncture?
Here is a non exhaustive list of the conditions that can be treated with acupuncture.

General disorders
fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, depression, migraines.

Locomotor system and pain
back problems, sciatica, neck pain, carpal tunnel, sprain, tendonitis, bursitis, rheumatisms, arthritis, gout, Bell's palsy (neurological disorder).

Digestive system
Constipation, diarrhea, bloating, flatulences, slow digestion, acid reflux.

Respiratory system
Asthma, allergies, colds, cough, rhinitis, bronchitis, sinusitis.

Circulatory system
swelling, cold intolerance, cold hands and/or feet, haemorroids.

Auditive system
tinnitus (mostly those from a sudden onset), otitis, vertigo.

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